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Flat roofing in Wellington

Butynol rubber roofing is the predominant flat roofing material used in the Wellington region. We provide roof repairs and re-roofs to all butynol flat roofs. If your flat roof is leaking it does not follow that you need to buy a whole new roof. Many times homeowners re-roof long before they have to. A few economical flat roof repairs will see your roof go on for many years. This will save you money and help the environment, by preventing unnecessary landfill. My advice is don’t re-roof until you have to. Please let us assess the condition of your butynol and advice you on the most economical course of action. We cover the entire greater Wellington region, so call today for your free quote.

Flat roofing options in the greater Wellington region

For many years flat roof owners had to suffer expensive and inconvenient roof leaks on a regular basis. The only choice was to use mop down built up flat roofing. This was a system of bitumen layers, heated in large kettles and mopped over the flat roof. The covering works fine for a while. Unfortunately due to the high ultra violet light levels we receive in Wellington, the bitumen soon breaks down. The bitumen heats up causing cracks and leaks.

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Torch on flat roofing offers a more stable covering. This system uses layers of roofing felt that has the bitumen applied at the manufacturing stage. The underside of the felt is then heated with a gas torch as it is laid across the structure. The bitumen has a higher melting point and is more stable in UV light. As a further protection against the sun, the felt is coated with heat dispersing granules. This type of flat roofing offers a life expectancy of 20 years plus in New Zealand conditions. The main disadvantage is at the build stage. As well as the fire risk, the felt needs to be laid extremely carefully in order to achieve a good bond with the substructure. This type of covering should only be applied by trained and experienced personnel.

Butynol Roofing.

Butynol rubber membrane is my first choice for flat roof installations. Butynol is a new Zealand brand manufactured in Christchurch. There is no risk of fire at the build stage and the membrane achieves a watertight bond second to none. Further, the rubber resists attacks from the harsh Wellington climate. It is extremely durable and can be used to cover a wide variety of structures. It costs about the same as other materials but has a life expectancy of 30 years. Butynol is also suitable for many roof flashing situations. Please see below for some advice on extending the life of your Butynol covering.


How to maintain your Butynol flat roofing.

As stated, Butynol is extremely durable. However, there are a few steps you can take to prolong its serviceable life and save yourself some money.

At the build stage.

Insure that the roofing is laid by experienced personnel. The substructure should be of the correct grade with sufficient fall to prevent “ponding”. Plywood of sufficient strength should be well secured without excessive gaps. At abutments and wall intersections it is good practice to install fillets to reduce stress on the rubber membrane.  Extra care should be taken at lap joins and intersections. Only adhesives supplied by Ardex new Zealand should be used with Butynol.

Ongoing maintenance

Butynol requires very little maintenance. If you are painting in the vicinity avoid contact with solvents and other harmful chemicals. Otherwise, simply remove any debris that builds up on the roof once a year or so. If you do experience a leak, this should be dealt with as soon as possible. By catching the leak early you will prevent any further damage to the structure. In this case a simple repair will then be possible.

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