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Wellington Metal roofing


Metal roofing and roof repairs in Wellington


If you live in the Wellington region, metal roofing offers a number of advantages over other roofing materials. Metal roofing is very durable if maintained properly. A lot of the time people re-roof long before they have to. A few practical roof repairs and your old roof will go on for many years. This is not only better for your budget, it is also environmentally friendly.

When installed correctly, corrugated roofing provides a secure barrier against the harsh Wellington weather. Modern stainless steel fixings mean that the roofing sheets are held secure even in the strongest winds. If you own an older style corrugated roof, upgrading to the new fixings is a simple and economical process that will make your roof more secure and extend the life of your roofing iron.

Another benefit of roofing iron is its weight. Corrugated roofing is lightweight which is an important consideration bearing in mind Wellingtons susceptibility to seismic movement.    



How to save money and extend the life of your metal roof.


There are a few simple procedures you can do to extend the life of your metal roof.                 

Roof leaks


Deal with roof leaks as soon as you spot them. The sooner the roof is repaired, the less damage there will be to the building structure. Most roof leaks can be repaired quickly with no inconvenience to the homeowner. Give us a call and we will provide you with a free quote for all your roof repairs.  

 An image of a corrugated roof in Wellington.

Clear all debris from the roof as soon as possible

Leaves and other debris will provide a moisture trap that will promote corrosion if not removed regularly. The Wellington wind blows salt laden air far inland. If allowed to sit on the roof unchecked, the salt will quickly corrode your roofing. Areas such as roof valleys and other flashings should be cleared regularly to limit corrosion.


Moss and Lichen on your roof

Moss and lichen hold water on the roof. Lichen is particularly harmful to painted metal roofing. The lichen embeds itself to the painted surface and causes blistering and future corrosion. If your roof suffers from lichen growth, have it treated with a moss and lichen remover. Modern roof treatments contain surfactants. This means the Moss and lichen remover remains on the roof for longer, providing increased protection. A good spray every three years or so should keep your roof safe.

Lead flashings on metal roofing


Some older roofs in Wellington have lead flashings and lead headed nails. The lead will corrode the roofing iron prematurely. (By Galvanic corrosion) If you replace the lead with new fixings, you will halt the corrosion and increase the life of the roof.

Roof painting


As well as looking attractive, a new coat of paint will increase the lifespan of your roof. If you are comfortable working at heights and you take all necessary precautions, you may wish to carry this work out yourself. As with all painting work, preparation is the key. Make sure all roof surfaces are clean and any rust has been treated.   

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