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Concrete tile roofing



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Concrete tile roofing.

Roofing Wellington nz, repair concrete tile roofing, clay tiles and Gerard metal tiles. Tile roofing is a very durable roof covering that requires only a small amount of maintenance. One of the most common causes of roof leaks is a slipped or broken tile. This is easily remedied and can often be repaired on our first visit. If you are in the greater Wellington region, give us a call and we will get that leak stopped fast. View our Homepage.


Roofing cement and tiled roofs.

Roofing cement connects the roof tiles with the ridge and hip sections of your roof. It also provides a weather tight seal at the top of the roof tiles. The mortar lasts for many years but will eventually require re-pointing. After a period of time, the ground movement we experience here in Wellington often causes mortar to crack. In severe cases this can lead to water ingress and leaks. Again, this problem is easily solved. A new coat of mortar is simply re-pointed over the top. This provides a weather tight seal and protects the tiles from the Wellington wind. The mortar may be dyed to give an attractive appearance and blend in with the rest of the roof. 

On older tiled roofs that have had little maintenance, re-bedding of the ridge and hip sections may be required. This involves removing all the old cement and re-bedding the roof tiles in fresh mortar.

To guard against ground movement and prevent cracks, an acrylic pointing material may be used. Acrylic roof pointing is a relatively new product to the construction industry. It takes the place of more traditional mortar. Unlike old style mortar, the pointing material has a degree of flexibility. This allows it to secure the roof tiles under stress without cracking. It is supplied in a range of colours to match the tiling. Concrete tiled roofs may be painted to provide a pleasing appearance.


Roofing mortar on a concrete tile roof.

 If you are experiencing leaks, or you notice cracks in your roof mortar, give us a call and we will supply you with a free quote.

Clay roof tiles.

If you’re in the Wellington region and you have a clay tiled roof, the chances are your tiles are one of the Marseille varieties. Originally imported from France, Marseille roof tiles provide an attractive finish to any structure. They are also extremely durable and last over 100 years providing they are not disturbed. More recently Marseille tiles were manufactured in New Zealand by Winstones. There are a number of different types that all differ in size and thickness.


Marseille tiled roofs require similar maintenance to concrete tile roofing. Again, the ridge tiles are held with cement which needs to be maintained.  It is advisable to avoid foot traffic as these tiles are broken easily if walked on incorrectly. If you have to walk on the roof, place your weight at the bottom of the tiles. This is the supported section and will cause the least damage. The surface of Clay tiles can be very slippery, so extreme care is required. Clay tiles are not suitable for painting. Call Roofing Wellington if you require any further information.