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Clay tile roof repairs


Repairs to Clay Tile roofs.

We make Repairing your clay tile roof easy and hassle free. Whether you just need a replacement clay tile, re-pointing or a leak stopped permanently we can help. Call today and we will provide you with the right advice and a free estimate. Or use the online free quote button below for a fast response.

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Wellington Clay tile roofs

Clay tile roofs are attractive and offer superior performance against the Wellington climate. The majority of clay tiles and terracotta tiles found in the wellington region are of the Marseilles style. Marseilles clay roof tiles were developed from the French Gilardoni  terracotta roofing tile. The Gilardoni clay tile was the first to have a central spine. This spine, or rib provides extra strength. The rib can still be seen on modern clay tiles and adds to their durability.
During the late 19th century, the Wunderlich ceiling and roofing company began importing the terracotta tiles into New Zealand. Due to shipment costs, clay tiles were only used on the most expensive homes. Some of these original imports are still keeping Wellington homes dry and secure today. More recently, Winstones began to manufacture Marseilles style roofing in New Zealand. Monier also produce a modern version of the Marseille style. Whichever kind of clay tile roofing you have, your in a good position. This kind of roofing will last for many years to come if it is maintained properly. And with the evening sun showing its true beauty, it adds a real feature to any home.

Clay tile roof maintenance and repair.

A Clay or Terracotta tile roof will outlast any metal roof if it is maintained properly. The good news is that they are fairly low maintenance. Obviously, cracked or broken tiles should be repaired or replaced as soon as they are noticed. This will prevent leaks and stop damage to the buildings structure. Below you will find some more tips and advice for getting the best out of your terracotta roof.

Ridge and Hip tile maintenance 

The ridge and hip tiles are the part of the roof that sit on the very top. They are held in place with cement or mortar. Over the years the mortar may degrade or crack. This can lead to leaks and tile loss. This is especially important with the Wellington wind. 
If the cement bedding is still secure, the mortar may simply be re-pointed. This involves cleaning back the old mortar and applying a stronger mix in its place. This will secure the tiles and prevent leaks. As in the photo above, the roof pointing mortar can be dyed to give a pleasing appearance.
Acrylic roof pointing compounds offer a modern alternative to traditional roofing cement. The acrylic pointing is designed to be flexible during minor ground movement. As with traditional mortar it can be applied in a range of colors.


Roof moss and lichen on clay tile roofs.

Moss and Lichen may damage the surface of your clay roof tiles. The lichen beds into the tiles surface causing it to de-laminate or flake. The moss also damages the roofing cement pointing which holds the ridge tiles secure. A good moss treatment every 5 years should prevent any surface damage.

Securing your Clay Tiles

Clay tiles are held in place with wires at the bottom of the tile. These can be checked and fixed from inside the loft space. Where access is difficult, a small dab of silicone on the head of the tile will suffice.

Roof flashing's
Areas around chimneys, Pipes and other extrusions are kept dry with roof flashings. These can be constructed from lead, butynol or metal. They should be well fitted and secure. Please call now for all your clay tile roof maintenance.